Tess, short for Tesseract

Reclaim What Was Lost //closed

Tess was getting the hang of what the Midgardians called a “cell phone” and was putting it to good use. Stark Tower was much larger than she remembered. She stood outside the large Tower just looking up. If she looked hard enough she could see the top of it. Her eyes squinted to keep the afternoon sun out, hand blocking the blunt of it. She was bored in living on this planet doing nothing, and so instinct brought her here. Loki’s presence brought her here. He was at a low point, she could feel his vulnerability from here. She walked inside the tower to the lobby where she saw four familiar faces running amok in the lobby. She was about to walk forwards towards the elevators when she felt something run into her leg. Of course it was one of the children, the rest following after him to see if he was okay.

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